Welcome to firebolt-sdk’s documentation!


  • Requires Python >=3.7

  • pip install firebolt-sdk

Connection parameters

These parameters are used to connect to a Firebolt database:

  • engine_url - url for a Firebolt engine to make requests to. This can be retrieved from our web interface, or from the engine attribute endpoint

  • database - the name of the database to receive queries

  • username - Firebolt account username

  • password - Firebolt account password

Optional parameters

  • api_endpoint - api hostname for logging in. Defaults to


See PEP-249 for the DB API reference and specifications. An example jupyter notebook is included to illustrate the use of the Firebolt API.

Optional features

By default, firebolt-sdk uses datetime module to parse date and datetime values, which might be slow for a large amount of operations. In order to speed up datetime operations, it’s possible to use ciso8601 package.

To install firebolt-sdk with ciso8601 support, run pip install firebolt-sdk[ciso8601]




The Firebolt DB API is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 software license.


This project is under active development

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