The Firebolt Python SDK enables connecting to Firebolt, managing Firebolt resources and executing queries using a library of Python classes and functions.


  • Python version 3.8 or later along with the pip package installer. For more information, see the Python web page.

  • A Firebolt account and login credentials.


Use pip to install the Firebolt Python SDK from the command line as shown in the example below:

$ pip install firebolt-sdk

Optional features

By default, the Firebolt Python SDK uses the datetime module to parse date and datetime values. For large operations involving date and datetime values, the Python SDK can achieve faster results by using the ciso8601 package, however this can cause installation issues in some cases.

To install firebolt-python-sdk with ciso8601 support, run pip install "firebolt-sdk[ciso8601]".

Release notes

For information about changes in the latest version of the Firebolt Python SDK, see the release notes


For procedures and requirements for contributing to this SDK, see the contributing page on Github.


The Firebolt DB API is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 software license.


This project is under active development.

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